Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top 10 Tuesday

Source unknown since I got the pic from my friend..

  1. Only buy books I'm interested at, or at least I've read any review of someplace. No random buying!
  2. Finish every book I've started.
  3. Make review for every book I've finished.
  4. Consider the author's feeling more when writing negative reviews.
  5. Finish every reading challenge I've signed up and not to forget to update the progress post.
  6. Try at least once to read the out-of-the-box book.
  7. Improve my review writing skill, especially in English!
  8. Donate 1 book for every new book I get.
  9. Maintain my book blog more seriously.
  10. Enjoy every reading time. If I can't enjoy it, it is okay to stop for a while and start doing other things. My life is not only for reading. But, back to no. 2, I still have to finish what I have started...

Top 10 Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.
Here's the complete list.


  1. #4 is a really interesting one. My reviews are as honest as I can make them -- not that I don't care about an author's feelings, but I can't consider them when I'm reviewing a book. If I did, I might not be as honest in my evaluation of their work. My readers expect brutal honesty, so that's what I give them :)

    Good luck on all your goals. Happy New Year!

    1. Oh, I mean I will still write my reviews as honest as I can, but only in more decent way. It's more to not attacking authors' personal (like: "how talentless the author is", etc) but more focus on the content of the book and especially, I hope I can explain more which part that disappoints me.
      Sometimes when I've read a really bad book, I felt so angry so that I just wanted to write everything emotionally. This is what I want to reduce this year.

      Btw, thanks for stopping by. Nice to meet you, Susan!

  2. aku suka deh list no 8 sama 9 . kasih aku dong kakak :3

  3. Boleh di copy buat di jurnal harianku nggak? :)

  4. Semoga sukses Kak Nana... Ah cozy banget resolusinya berkaitan sama buku..., semoga berhasil ketika mereview semua resolusi tersebut di akhir tahun, jangan lupa kasih buntelan ke aku ya *tetep*

  5. aku paling setuju sama yang no.10 yang penting enjoy


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