Thursday, October 16, 2014

In Honor

Author: Jessi Kirby
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Year Published: 2012
Pages: 235

Honor had been growing up as an orphan since very little. In this world, there were only her and her big brother, Finn. Of course there was Aunt Gina who took care of the siblings. But to Honor, Finn was her everything. Finn had always protected her. Always made sure that Honor was happy and had her needs fulfilled.

It all changed after Finn graduated high school and suddenly changed his plan from college to army. Without asking Honor's opinion, he left his college football scholarship and went to Iraq. And he died.

After Finn's funeral, Honor found a handwritten letter from Finn to her. It was the only letter he handwrote. Along with the letter, he also gave Honor a Kyra Kelley's concert ticket in California with a message to Honor to tell Kyra Kelley about her handsome brother. Honor took her brother's letter seriously as it was his final order to her so that Honor decided to skip her first week at college and to go to California to fulfill Finn's final wish.

Rusty was Finn's former best friend. Together, they were invincible in football. Their friendship broke when Finn decided to give up his scholarship and joined the army. Rusty took Finn's death by drinking and drinking and drinking and somehow he ended up in Honor's car that morning, joining the road trip to fulfill Finn's final wish.

Getting along with Rusty was not an easy thing. Although his bad boy aura made most of the girls easily fell for him, not with Honor. Honor hated Rusty because he didn't stop Finn from joining army. Honor hated Rusty because he'd given up his friendship with Finn. But Honor didn't know the side of Rusty's story, and that Rusty actually had all the answers to the questions Honor had been wanting to ask Finn.


This book had me at Tim Riggins.. Haha.. Yeah, I am a big fan of US TV series Friday Night Lights (just like Jessi Kirby and Sarah Dessen, two of my favorite authors) and--although I love Matt Saracen the best--Tim Riggins--played by Taylor Kitsch--is such a memorable character. So, when I read that the Rusty character was inspired by Taylor Kitsch as Tim Riggins, how can I resist to read this book????

And yeah, Rusty is such a jerk, but the adorable one.. Just like Riggins. And I can't stop imagining Finn is Jason Street.

Oh stop it, Na! Just talk about the book, okay???

So. About this book. I hate to say that I don't love it as much as I've expected. The story is actually good, about how to cope with the loss of your beloved one. And Rusty!!! Who can resist a guy like him? But I don't know. I don't feel connected with Honor and their road trip was actually flat. Yes, there was this amazing moment when Honor and the boys she met on the road enjoying the stargazing in the cenote but the rest of the journey was flat. Both main characters, Honor and Rusty seems like a type of person who hold back their feelings so much and have difficulties in expressing it. There were some moments when I felt like, "oh please just make a move" but in the end, I was just like, "oh.. okay.."

Things got a bit interesting when slowly, Honor found out the truth about Finn from Rusty. Rusty, as Finn's best friend, knew almost everything about Finn especially his concern about Honor and the sacrifices Finn made for his little sister's happiness. It broke my heart to find that someone as young as Finn must carry a burden that much and it made me chose Finn as my favorite character in this book.

Generally, this book is a good book. It teaches the readers to appreciate their family members and enjoy every time spent with them while they are still be able to be with you. It's just the characterization that doesn't work well on me.

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